Welcome to Tillett Brother’s BBQ

Steve can't keep his eyes off the Salmon. He's thinking let's get that on the grill.
Ron, Steve and Jeff Tillett

Tillett brothers are author of 101 Things to Do With a BBQ and newly released Grill it Up, Steve Tillett [a.k.a. Dr. T, Portland Oregon Foot Surgeon] and his brother Jeff Tillett [a.k.a. mojotillett] – I think I can smell that mojo, and it smells like dad’s favorite; New York’s on the grill.

Two brothers growing up in eastern Washington state and are the sons of a butcher. “We grew up having meat with every meal and learned to appreciate great recipes for cooking it,” says Steve, “In fact I remember coming home and throwing a NY steak on the grill before going out and playing the sport of the season in the neighborhood.”.

Both Steve and Jeff helped their dad Ron in his meat shops as well as assisted at the grill [#wishitwereaTraeger] at summer BBQ’s – back when a shot of Coca-Cola was one of the secret ingredients.




Steve and new book Grill It Up
Steve and new book Grill It Up

Steve Tillett [Dr T] is the king of the backyard barbecue (at least in his own backyard), and has done it all of his life. Now, his grill [#Traeger] run’s year round, even during the Portland rainy season.

A podiatric surgeon by trade, “Dr. T” spent several of his post-graduate and medical residency training years in the South and Midwest expanding his BBQ IQ and refining his style.

His books celebrates a lifetime of grilling, smoking, and creating new recipes for family and friends. Steve is the author of “101 Things to Do With a BBQ” and newly released “Grill It Up.”.





Jeff Tillett became a journeymen meat cutter [your pic on left doesn’t quite fit that anymore JT] at 16 years old working as a meat cutter in high school and paying his way to college working on the fabrication line at a meat packing plant.  Jeff enjoys fly fishing the waters of the Pacific Northwest. During Salmon season it’s common for the smell of freshly caught salmon smoking in his backyard. Or perhaps when he comes home skunked from the weekends fishing trip it would be some beef jerky. Those PNW salmon can be pretty evasive. 😉

Jeff Tillett is a learning media producer and Instructional Designer – who has worked with Microsoft, T-Mobile, Adobe, Apple and Amazon.

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