About the Author – Steve

Steves first book 101 Things To Do With a BBQ was a big success. It’s been almost 20 years since Steves first book. You can still pick one up, as well you should.



Dr. Steve Tillett

Steve Tillett is the king of BBQ (in his own backyard), and the son of a butcher. He barbeques year-round for his wife and children, even in the Portland, Oregon, rain. Raised in central Washington, he spent many years in the South and Midwest perfecting his barbeque recipes as he finished his medical residency, where his BBQ style flourished. Over the past couple of decades, he has created a group of recipes in his own backyard that are fun and delicious by any BBQ warrior’s standard.

Steve has made appearances on many TV shows

  • AM Northwest (KATU-tv Morning talk show based in Portland, Oregon) on May 26th
  • AM Northwest again in December
  • Fox 12 in Salt Lake City – for 2 cooking episodes
  • Multiple Radio Talk Shows accross the U.S. and Canada