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Hot dogs or legs??

hot dogs or legs

With BBQ season off got a great start. Well at least at the Tillett household it is. Ok I admit BBQ is always in season around here. But I digress, What I was going to say is time to bust out the dogs, sausages and brats.

Just to get you guys in practice to make sure you are ready and can properly identify stuff. I put for this simple little text.

Hot dogs or legs??



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Cuts of Beef

Cuts-of-BeefRon Tillett had a meat shop he built that could driven to the farmers place then cut and wrap the meat with out it having left the farmers place.

When I was about 14, I was helping my dad cut meat in his meat-shop. My dad wanted me to learn the different cuts of beef so he hung a meat chart like this above my bed. Ok maybe is a bit creepy to stare at but looking back but I learned the cuts of beef.

I am sharing with you all now so you can learn them like I did. Feel free to post over your bed although you may want to warn whom ever your share your bed with.