Tillett Brothers’ BBQ offers a selection of products from various sources.


Steve Tillett started it all with his books and they are available in bookstores throughout the US. They are also available on Amazon.

Steve’s first book 101 Things You To Do With A BBQ was part of a best selling series of cookbooks published by Gibs Smith. The theme of the book series is 101 things to do with (insert cooking technique here). Other books from the series included titles like 101 Things To Do With Cake Mix and 101 Things To Do With A Slow Cooker.

You can buy 101 Things You To Do With A BBQ at the following places:

Grill-IT-UPAfter the success of Steve’s first book he went to work “testing” and perfecting recipes in his backyard. Gibs Smith kept asking Steve when he was coming out with a sequel. Finally, after much begging, Steve agreed to start putting together another book. This time Gibs Smith and Steve take things to the next level with amazing photos and more great recipes. Steve is also including  more veggies and side dishes as request. The title of his newest book is Grill It Up.

You can buy Grill It Up at the following places:


Announcing Tillett Brothers’ BBQ rubs and spices

For sale soon! We have selected three mixes that will be sure to please your hungry family and guests. Check back for details!

  • Steve’s Famous Dry Rub
  • Big Red’s Steak Salts
  • Uncle Oscar’s Fish Fix’ns


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